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The Lion's Roar that Proclaims Other Emptiness

The Lion's Roar that Proclaims Other Emptiness

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Title The Lion’s Roar That Proclaims Other Emptiness by Ju Mipham Namgyal
Author Translation, introduction, and commentarial notes by Tony Duff
Details 88 pages, 1 colour plate, 5.5" X 8.5", US$15, available on paper and in PDF e-book format
ISBN paper book 978-9937-824-46-0, e-book 978-9937-572-45-3
Texts Tibetan texts in Tibetan script included
Ju Mipham Namgyal is one of the best known authors of the Nyingma tradition. He was a prolific writer with an extraordinary knowledge of his own and others’ dharma traditions. He wrote many texts on philosophical issues including a pair of commentaries on Zhantong (Other Emptiness). Of them, the first focusses on the meaning of Other Emptiness and the second focusses on the meaning of sugatagarbha taken from an Other Emptiness perspective. The book here contains a translation of the first of the two texts.

Lama Tony has had many teachings on Other Emptiness from various important teachers both Kagyu and Nyingma and is very knowledgeable of the subject. In particular, he received extensive commentaries on this text in private from Khenpo Palden Sherab, Khenpo Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso, and Traleg Rinpoche. The translation in this book reflects Lama Tony’s considerable knowledge of Zhantong in general and his deep understanding gained through the commentaries received from these very learned Tibetan teachers and the many texts on the subject that he has read. Although there are other translations available, the reader will find this one particularly clear. Also, the reader will find that the threads of logic running through the long section of very difficult philosophical argument are outstandingly clear. Lama Tony has become well-known for his careful use of innovative terminology, all based in traditional explanations of the meaning of the terms, and this text on the view is greatly helped by it.

We strongly recommend reading Point of Passage Wisdom, A Great Vehicle Sutra and Maitripa’s Writings on the View.

A major work is in progress which will put together the translation contained in this book with a very extensive commentary to the text written by Lama Tony. The commentary will be based especially on detailed commentaries received from Khenpo Palden Sherab and Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. It will not be available for some time so this book, containing the root text, has been published to help the many students who are now studying this text.

In addition, another major work on Other Emptiness is being readied for publication. This work explains Other Emptiness very extensively, presenting many texts from the Kagyu tradition. Many Westerners have developed the idea, from reading texts like this of Mipham, that Other Emptiness is all about extremely difficult philosophy. In fact, it is not; it is a teaching meant for practice! This other major work will show the practical side of Other Emptiness.

Download Tibetan text in TibetD format: • available here

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