Padma Karpo Translation Committee and its founder, Lama Tony Duff

Lama Tony Duff teaching in HungaryPadma Karpo Translation Committee was established in 1993 by Lama Tony Duff at the request of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Tony has directed the committee ever since. Tony provided oral and written translation services for Tsoknyi Rinpoche and many other Tibetan teachers during the 1990’s. Since then Tony has focussed on making written translations and digital tools for working with the Tibetan language.

Tony is a very well known practitioner, scholar, and translator who has spent over forty years of his life fully dedicated to studying and practising the Tibetan Buddhist teachings himself and teaching and translating them for others. He was the first Tibetan Buddhist monk to be ordained in his home country of Australia. And he was one of the founders of the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Australia, Chenrezig Institute. He has been a member of several translation committees and has published or been involved in the publication of many Tibetan Buddhist texts. Altogether, he has been one of the important figures in bringing the Tibetan Buddhist teachings to the rest of the world.

Padma Karpo Translation Committee actively pursues textual translations. Many books are available on this site both for purchase and some will be made for free. The committee provides the texts of the translations in Tibetan in electronic format where possible.

The committee has a special interest in electronic publications. To this end the committee has developed a suite of software for working with the Tibetan language. Many dictionaries and reference texts are available using the software.

The committee primarily survives on donations. Your financial support by donations and by purchases of our books will help us to provide the teachings to others.