Support Lama Tony's efforts to make major Buddhist texts available in translation and, especially, for free.

Padma Karpo Translation Committee, directed by Lama Tony Duff, is looking for ways to provide high-quality translations of core Buddhist texts and translations at no cost. If you make a donation here—at an amount of your choosing—your funding will go towards the general work of the committee and the goal of making translations of major works for free.

In particular, Lama Tony spent nearly three years on translating Longchen Rabjam's largest works, a set of fifteen texts called "The Dzogchen Resting-Up Trilogy". This is regarded as most essential reading for all those wanting to practice Dzogchen. His plan is to raise the funds so that the entire work, in perfectly typeset form, can be made available as digital texts and, for those who prefer paper books, the texts could be available at a relatively low cost. The entire set of texts, which comes out to over 2000 pages in 6x9 inch format in English, would sell through a mainstream Buddhist publisher for hundreds of dollars. Donations towards our cause would help to reduce that cost very considerably.

Use the button below to make a donation. Pressing the button will take you to the donation page on our CauseVox crowd-funding site. After making a donation, you can return here if you wish to look at our products for sale or go to our web-site where there are many free offerings already available and more information about what we do.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

All-Knowing Longchen Rabjam, Tibet's greatest author,
is the author of the enormous Dzogchen Resting-Up Trilogy,
which is regarded as the foundation for all Dzogchen practice.
Your donation will help us to make a
high-quality English translation available for free!