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Geshe Chodrak's Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary WINDOWS

Geshe Chodrak's Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary WINDOWS

: $75.00

Availability: Available for download now

This is the Windows version of the dictionary. Macintosh OSX and iOS versions of it also are available. The Macintosh OSX version is available in this shop. The iOS version is available through the Apple iTunes store—see the PKTC web-site for more information.

Our Windows Tibetan dictionaries are installed in two, separate forms: one in which all Tibetan text is shown as Tibetan transliterated into English and one in which all Tibetan text appears as native Tibetan script. Each of the two forms has its own icon on the desktop and each has its own entry in the Windows menuing system (look under Padma Karpo Translation Com in the Windows menuing system). If you are comfortable typing directly in Tibetan script under Windows then you can use the Tibetan script version of the dictionaries and if not, you can use the transliteration script version.

The OSX and iOS versions of the dictionaries have the Tibetan script and transliterated forms of the dictionaries bundled into one dictionary and you can type in either Tibetan script or transliterated script to do lookups.

A lengthy description of all of our Tibetan dictionaries can be seen here on our PKTC web-site, together with screen shots. And a very extensive presentation of all of our Tibetan software and fonts can be seen in this section of our PKTC web-site. In the latter section, you will see how on-the-spot lookups of Tibetan words in Tibetan texts can be done using our dictionaries, which is particularly valuable for anyone doing translation work.

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