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Kunga Tenzin's Drukpa Kagyu Ngondro

Kunga Tenzin's Drukpa Kagyu Ngondro

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Title “The Complete Path for the Ocean of Profound Meaning”, An Extensive Liturgy for the Visualization Procedures of the Mahamudra Preliminaries with a Listing of the Key Topics of the Main Practice
Sub-title The Drukpa Kagyu Mahamudra Preliminary Practices by Khamtrul III, Kunga Tenzin
Author Translation and introduction by Tony Duff
Details 108 pages, 5.5" X 8.5", US$15, available in paper and PDF e-book formats
ISBN paper book 978-9937-903-16-5, e-book 978-9937-572-17-0
Texts Tibetan texts in Tibetan script included
There are a number of branches of the Drukpa Kagyu and each has it own liturgies for doing the preliminary practices (Tib. ngondro). The Kham (East Tibetan) tradition of the Drukpa Kagyu, headed by the Khamtrul Rinpoches has a number of these liturgies. However, the one composed by Kunga Tendzin, the third Khamtrul Rinpoche is the one most often used. It is the liturgy used for example at Tashi Jong in India, the present-day seat of Khamtrul Rinpoche.

The text of the liturgy was translated into English by Tony at the request of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. It is a standard, Mahamudra style preliminaries liturgy in which there are four sets of one hundred thousand preliminaries to be done. The liturgy is extensive. Kunga Tenzin included a lot of material in his liturgy and this makes it useful as a reference for anyone. For example, the whole laying aside practice done with the practice of The Thirty-five Buddhas, and the Sutra of the Three Heaps is contained in it. There is also a magnificent guru yoga section for the Drukpa Kagyu, which is exceptionally beautiful. There is also a nice collection of dedication prayers at the end.

The translation was done by Tony during a three-month session at Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Ngedon Osel Ling in Nepal, when a large group of Drukpa Kagyu lamas and rinpoches of the East Tibetan tradition gathered together for a Drukpa Kagyu Dharma Festival. The translation went very nicely and it was generally felt that the poetic qualities of the Tibetan came out well into English, which was pleasing to all concerned.

The liturgy should be of special interest to all Drukpa Kagyu followers. More than that, it should be of interest to anyone doing the preliminary practices.

Download Tibetan text in TibetD format: • available here

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