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TibetD Reader is software made specifically for Tibetan studies. Read about it at the PKTC Web-site where you will discover that it is one of a suite of software products made specifically for dealing with Tibetan script. You will find out how you can make a Tibetan digital library using it and how you can stock the library with useful reference works and texts.

TibetD Reader was expensive to produce. However, Lama Tony Duff made it completely free as part of his vision of providing essential Tibetan reference works and important Tibetan Buddhist texts for the use of students of the language in general and for translators in particular. Lama Tony has been a strong supporter of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha for his whole life; this is one of his many offerings towards the preservation and flourishing of the Buddha's dharma.

Note that TibetD Reader is Windows software. However, it can easily be installed and used on Macintosh OSX computers using emulator software such as Crossover, Parallels, VMWare, and so on.