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Longchen Nyingthig Chod, "Sound of Dakini Laughter"

Longchen Nyingthig Chod, "Sound of Dakini Laughter"

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Description Table of Contents
Title Longchen Nyingthig Chod, Sound of Dakini Laughter
Sub-title Text by Jigmey Lingpa, Instructions by Dza Patrul, and Commentary by the Author
Author Tony Duff. Tibetan authors included are Jigmey Lingpa and Dza Patrul
Details 180 pages, 2 colour plates, 6" X 9" (large format), US$25, available in paper and PDF e-book formats
ISBN paper book 978-9937-824-47-7, e-book 978-9937-572-40-8
Texts Tibetan texts in Tibetan script included
The root texts of Longchen Nyingthig contain a text for Chod practice. The text is part of the root transmission of the Longchen Nyingthig dharma that Jigmey Lingpa received as mind treasure from Longchenpa. The text includes both an explanation of the practice and a liturgy for doing it. The text is popularly known by its Tibetan name “khadro gayjang”, or “Sound of Dakini Laughter”. This book contains a fresh translation of the liturgy, one that corrects the many mistakes, omissions, and un-necessary additions found in most translations available at the moment, and especially in the ones that are available free on the internet. The translation was intended to be used as a practice text, and the rhythms and poetry of the Tibetan original have been retained as far as possible.

The Tibetan text assumes a high level of understanding of the system and its terminology. Therefore, several Tibetan commentaries have been written to explain it. The most popular one is by Dza Patrul and is called Profound Foremost Instructions for the Chod Practice Sound of Dakini Laughter. This commentary explains the details of all the visualizations involved in the practice and makes some very important comments about the right and wrong way to practice Chod. Amongst Tibetans, it is regarded as the best companion to Jigmey Lingpa’s text. Therefore, the author has translated it, included notes as necessary to clarify it, and included it in the book.

Furthermore, new editions of both Tibetan texts have been made and included. These new editions of the Tibetan texts carefully correct mistakes found in the main Tibetan editions that are available at the moment and especially in the copies of Jigmey Lingpa’s text that are floating around on the internet.

Jigmey Lingpa’s text contains much which is not explained in Dza Patrul’s text. Therefore, the author was encouraged by several lineage holding gurus to write a long commentary that would explain the whole text in a way that would make it accessible to English speakers. The commentary has been included in the book. It is the first true commentary to this text written by a qualified Western teacher.

The author has added an introduction that clarifies many points, a glossary, and many notes to ensure that all details are fully explained. The author explains in detail how this particular practice of Chod is unusual because of being based in Nyingthig Dzogchen dharma. The author knows well, through personal experience of the practice done in one of the main Dzogchen monasteries of Tibet, how the view and practice of this Nyingthig Chod differs from the normal view and practice of Chod. He explains the difference very clearly and extensively in the introduction. His authentic experience and knowledge of the Longchen Nyingthig system has guided the translation of these texts so that they correctly reflect the view of the Longchen Nyingthig Chod practice. If you are a Chod practitioner, you will find this book invaluable. For others who are interested in Dzogchen practice, there are many insights to be gained from the text and the explanations provided with it.

The book contains translations of the following texts:
From Longchen Nyingthig: The Chod Practice Sound of Dakini Laughter by Jigmey Lingpa
Commentary to the Chod Practice Sound of Dakini Laughter by Tony Duff
Profound Foremost Instructions for The Chod Practice Sound of Dakini Laughter by Dza Patrul

Jigmey Lingpa’s From Longchen Nyingthig: Chod Practice Sound of Dakini Laughter • available here
Profound Foremost Instructions on Chod Practice Sound of Dakini Laughter • available here

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