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Standard Tibetan Grammar Volume II, The Application of Gender Signs

Standard Tibetan Grammar Volume II, The Application of Gender Signs

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Title Standard Tibetan Grammar Volume II, The Application of Gender Signs
Author Tony Duff
Details 250 pages, 6" X 9" (large book size), US$60, available in PDF e-book format
ISBN paper book 978-9937-572-36-1, e-book 978-9937-572-37-8
Texts Four Tibetan texts included (see listing below)
This is the second volume of two volumes that set out Tibetan grammar in complete detail and in complete accordance with the way that Tibetans understand their own grammar. Although there are a number of books available on Tibetan grammar, all of them come from a Western approach and not one of them shows the actual meaning of Tibetan grammar as understood by Tibetans. These two volumes correct that completely. They offer commentary and background written by a Westerner who has studied Tibetan grammar in Tibetan classes in a purely Tibetan environment and couple that with authentic translations of several of the most important Tibetan grammar texts. These two volumes really do make the first standard reference on Tibetan grammar that has been published in English. Go here for a complete listing of all of our works on Tibetan grammar, which includes the two standard references just mentioned.

The first volume of the two standard references focuses on Thumi Sambhota’s first and basic treatise that defines Tibetan grammar. This second volume focusses on Thumi Sambhota’s sixth treatise that defines Tibetan grammar. (There were eight defining treatises written by Thumi Sambhota but only the two just mentioned are still extant.) The sixth treatise concerns the specific issue of what is called "letter gender". The sixth treatise defines letter gender then shows its various effects. The text is extremely difficult to understand, so difficult that many well-educated Tibetans do not study it. To make the material of the treatise more accessible, the book starts with an overview of the whole treatise which goes into sufficient detail that the general points of the treatise can be understood fairly easily.

This second volume then continues with in-depth commentaries on the various effects of letter gender, going through the points that are found in the treatise itself. There are several main effects such as pronunciation, verb theory, and phrase linker theory. The book gives detailed and extensive explanations of them. The book especially gives a complete explanation of the Tibetan system of transitive verbs and intransitive verbs. This volume also explains, for the first time in English, the special self-and-other feature of transitive verb theory. All of these explanations are given so clearly so that anyone will be able to understand these various difficult points, as they are called, of the sixth treatise. This is the first time that a complete and clear explanation of this treatise and its difficult points has appeared in English.

The book contains translations of the following texts:
Grammar, “The Application of Gender Signs” by Thumi Sambhota
“A Mirror Which Reveals the Difficult Points”, A Short Statement of the Essential Meaning of The Application of Gender Signs by Yangchen Drubpay Dorje
“A Golden Key of Knowledge”, Commentary to A Mirror that Reveals the Difficult Points of ‘The Application of Gender Signs’ by Yangchen Drupbpay Dorje
“Supreme Expert Situ’s Words”, A Thorough Explanation of the Grammar Shastras of the Language of the Snowy Land, The Thirty and Application of Gender Signs by Ngulchu Dharmabhadra (PART II about the Application of Gender Signs only)
The Essence of the Elegant “Thorough Explanation”, The Literal Aspect of the Snowy Land’s Grammar Shastras, The Thirty and Application of Gender Signs by Khenpo Ngedon Jamyang (PART II about the Application of Gender Signs only)

Download Tibetan texts in TibetD format: not yet available.

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5 of 5 Extraordinary grammar books January 15, 2019
Reviewer: James Lewis  
This volume two and volume one of the Standard Reference Tibetan grammars are extraordinary, incredibly valuable.

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